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Stunning High-Tech Lighting to Compliment your Interior Decor

  • Corey
  • Feb 10, 2017

Your home is your sanctuary and it’s important for your family that it be both elegant and comfortable. Yes, furniture and accents bring a room together, but it starts with exquisite lighting that can set any mood. We live in an age of unlimited possibilities when it comes to high-tech amenities, so why not consider revamping the plain incandescent track lighting in your kitchen? Perhaps adding a Bluetooth-enabled lamp for the bedroom? Maybe it’s time to take advantage of all the wonders 2016 has to offer in incorporating high-tech lighting with your design plans. Not only will it transform the traditional perception of what a home should be, but high-tech fixtures and appliances become instant conversation pieces. Ask Avenue wants you to make the most of your kitchen, bedroom, living room and even your hallway with these simple modern additions to compliment your interior design.

#1 Funky Lighting Fixtures

This large stainless steel fixture has an LED panel that looks great above your island. It draws attention to the center of the kitchen and will bring people together while you cook. It works best in an open concept first floor that has neutral colors, but can be accented with an off-color red or blue to move eyes around the room. The key is not to take away attention from the interior decorating you have already done, but to add a pillar of focus in the space.

high tech lighting

A blackwood backlight fixture brings simple elegance to your dining room.


Maybe a double helix chandelier for the science enthusiast?

high tech lighting

A “moonlight” will actually have your child looking forward to bedtime!

#2 In-ceiling lighting


This stunning installation is what makes this room minimalist, not so much the amount of furniture. It really does look breathtaking in a condo where you are probably in the common room most of the time, therefore there’s no need to clutter a small space with lamps.



The possibilities for in-ceiling LEDs are limitless with this corner lighting transforms your foyer or hallway into a futuristic runway while also saving on your energy bill.


Or you could opt for an overhead laser-like installation that can be repurposed for the home. Just imagine turning this on in your second floor hallway to guide you to your bed every night!

#3 Hanging Light Fixtures


So sleek it’s almost inconspicuous. However, you might be surprised by the price tag, which go for around $500 each, they can virtually be placed anywhere in the home to provide a touch of modern.

#4 Modern Track Lighting

Most people never associate track lighting with high-tech modern living, but these are undeniably cool. The best part is anyone can install these easily and are relatively inexpensive.


This Walter Gropius lighting hangs on the ceiling can be found in the Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany, but would look equally chic in a black and white kitchen! However, they are not technically track lights because they cannot be arranged, but serve the same aesthetic purpose to bounce subtle light around the room.


Traditional track lights have not lost their charm with this wraparound installation that makes you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before?


Lighting that also clears your counter space? I’m in! This installation provides you with outlets and docks for your mobile devices while you clearing your cooking station. This would ideal for the amateur chef who prefers to follow recipes from their smart phone.

#5 Rustic Contemporary Lighting


The owners of this home are all about hardwood everything. They even go as far as adding a wood chandelier for their foyer, proving you can still be a lover of the outdoors while still reveling in a modern home.


Take a trip back in time to the swingin’ ‘60s with these George Nelson bubble lamps, which complement hardwood wall and/or floor panel room.

#6 High-tech lamps


This elegant desk lamp by RIMA is unlike any other on the market. It allows you to control the lighting for heat, intensity, angle of the beam and color via four controller rings that you can slide.


These app-controlled lamps by SMFX offer 16 million color combinations to transform your bedroom into your own personal nightclub!


This oddly shaped lamp was 3D-printed by Berlin-based LimeMakers as part of their thought-provoking collection that were designed by internationally renowned interior designers Wieland Schmidt, Corneel Cannaerts and Michiel Cornelissen. Give your guests a glimpse of the future with this “green” lamp that was made using recycled ceramic, nylon and metal.



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