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If Someone Else Drives My Car, Are They Covered Too?

  • Corey
  • Nov 7, 2016

Coverage for persons not listed on an auto insurance policy varies across insurance brokerages and policies, but most insurers will cover any legal driver who uses your car. If this driver seeks permission from you beforehand, they are more likely to be covered. Drivers without permission are usually denied benefits, unless the vehicle was stolen.


Liability coverage protects a driver, regardless of the car they are driving. If your friend is a driver with auto insurance for their vehicle, they will be covered by their own policy. Drivers with a valid license, but no car, do not have this advantage and must rely on coverage from your insurer. For drivers without a license, insurance coverage may be denied since they should not have been operating a vehicle in the first place.

Comprehensive and collision coverage are add-ons that insure the car for repair and replacement, but your insurer may not extend the coverage for an accident caused by someone other than the policyholder. In most cases, complete coverage will ensure protection for the other driver, but compensation may occur only at the minimum outlined in your policy. Some companies will offer no coverage. Furthermore, if the other driver is at fault, your premium may be affected.

Having comprehensive auto coverage is especially useful if the accident occurred when you were not present.

Family Members

For regular users of your vehicle, like family members, insurance brokerages expect them to be listed in the policy. A visiting family member can receive limited coverage, but may be subjected to exclusion from your policy in the future. Your premium may also increase as a result.

Speak with your insurance broker for specific coverage questions related to your policy. Since there is no universal answer regarding coverage for non-primary drivers, learn about your insurer’s terms and conditions prior to allowing anyone else to operate your vehicle.



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