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Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

  • Corey
  • Sep 2, 2016

Let’s face it – small bathrooms can be a pain. While there are things we love about them, like the way we can navigate them easily, they pose a problem when it comes to finding places to store our seemingly endless collection of items.

Where there’s a problem, there’s always a solution! In fact in this case, there are a number of ways you can add value to your small space, even if you’re on a budget. DIY tricks can be a lifesaver for those of us who need to make the most out of what limited space we have in our small bathroom. Here are a few helpful ideas that won’t cost you much, but will pay off when it comes to the storage benefits they bring to a tiny space.


Narrow Rope Shelving

Shelving is the best way to store bathroom accessories – it’s no secret. All you need for this DIY project are some rope, wooden shelves, paint, hooks, and a few tools. It’s a fun project that isn’t overly difficult, and will cost you less than buying a shelf that’s already built. You can have fun with the paint colours and rope you choose to suit your bathroom colour palette. Check out this tutorial.


DIY Towel Rack

If you need an extra rack for storing anything from towels to hair styling tools, this inexpensive idea could be your best alternative. This project doesn’t take much work and requires only a few items: a narrow rope or twine, plastic tubes (available at hardware stores), tape, scissors, and a thin wooden dowel for threading the rope into the tubes. Here’s a complete tutorial.


Magnetic Strips

This ingenious hack saves shelf space and lets you easily access the objects you use it for. It may not be attractive, but you can hide it on the inside of cupboard doors. All you need to do is purchase a magnetic strip roll (with a magnet on one side and tape on the other).


Shelf for Above the Door

In a small bathroom, it’s a great idea to use every inch you possibly can. Adding a shelf above the bathroom door is a creative solution that makes what is usually wasted wall space quite useful for storage. Make sure you have keep a stool nearby so you can reach what you need, when you need it.

These have been a few small bathroom ideas you can do yourself, and save money in the process. They don’t take too much effort, and they’ll be a huge help for storage and make limited space useful. For more decorating/staging tips, feel free check out other home décor blog posts, or ask a real estate advisor in the text box above.



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