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Rustic Landscaping Ideas for a Backyard

  • Corey
  • Jun 16, 2016

What could be better than a tranquil, low-maintenance, rustic backyard?

The backyard can be an undervalued part of the property –often times we don’t think about styling it to suit our personal taste. We usually apply our personal style to indoor spaces, but when it comes to the yard, we often style it to suit the neighbourhood, neglect it altogether, or spend hours creating a meticulously styled garden –perhaps Victorian or traditional. The rustic style is a great alternative to those who prefer something with a little less maintenance that gives the same stunning visual appeal as other higher maintenance styles. Here are a number of landscaping ideas that take what we love about “rustic” and bring it outside.


1. Flagstone! Flagstone! And More Flagstone!


Building a path or patio space using flagstone can have a huge impact and really contribute to the rustic feel of a backyard. The path pictured above shows the use of a flowering ground cover between the stones, which is another great idea to add interest.


2.  Decorate With Antiques

Anything that looks old or rusted – that’s what you want to use to get the rustic look. An antique wheel, a rusted wheelbarrow, a rusted watering can, or a chair with a chipped coat of paint are just a few ideas for antiques.


3. Incorporate Wood Where You Can

It wouldn’t be rustic without hints of wood coming from here and there. There a number of ways you can achieve this. For example, if you have a sloped backyard, build a couple wood steps like in the staircase pictured above.


4. Select the Right Plants

Ground coverings, bushes, or any flowering plant that still look stunning once they have grown out a bit are all plants that would be suited for this style. Try choosing plants with smaller blooms to give your garden a whimsical feel. Blooms with muted tones can add to a tranquil feel.


5. Add a Water Feature

water- feature

Whether it’s a small water feature or a large one, the sound of running water would make your landscape a soothing place you won’t want to leave. They also have the added benefit of attracting butterflies and birds.

We hope you found these rustic landscaping ideas for a backyard nothing less than inspirational. Once you’ve done all of the initial installations and decorating, you’ll find that the plants you’ve chosen can overgrow a bit and still look stunning, which means less maintenance! Decorating with the antiques can be left as is once you’ve chosen the best places for them, or you can play around with them. If your landscape appeals to all the senses, you’ll undoubtedly love spending time outside. Even better, you’ll have a great place to gather with friends and family. Feel free to comment below if you have any other inspirational landscaping ideas, or share the article with anyone who may enjoy it.



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