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City Living Versus Suburb Living

  • Corey
  • Apr 15, 2016


Living Space

City: Cities often have smaller properties. Cramped living spaces result in having to declutter more often.

Suburb: Suburban homes have more space providing more opportunity to spread out and own more possessions.



City: The risk of becoming exposed to pollution in the air is significantly higher while living in the city.

Suburb: Areas outside of cities have lower chances of polluted air. Who doesn’t want to be closer to nature!?



City: Amenities such as schools, shopping and entertainment are only a short walk or transit ride away.

Suburb: Suburbs are usually farther away from city cores. Children will have to use a bus system for school and owning a vehicle is required.


Cost of Living

City: Cities are more expensive to live in. Rent, bills, entertainment, food and transit are often more expensive than in smaller towns and suburbs.

Suburb: The cost of living is much lower outside of the cities. Properties are not only bigger than what you can buy in the city but are also less money.



City: If something breaks or needs an update the building’s maintenance team is usually responsible for the cost and execution.

Suburb: Owning a home requires costly maintenance, however, gives the owner freedom to do what they want aesthetically.



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