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6 Tips for a Smoother Moving Day

  • Corey
  • May 27, 2016

It’s moving day! All your careful planning and preparation has come to fruition. Movers are placing your boxes and furniture. Nosey neighbors have already started to peek over their fence line. With so many things to do, you are sure to be overwhelmed with what to tackle first. Don’t get lost in the chaos. Here are 6 things to do the day you move that you may have missed.


1. Make Your Bed


This step may seem a bit backwards. Relocation is exhausting, physically and mentally. Set unpacking your sheets, blankets and pillows a top priority. At the end of the day when you get to fall into your cozy pre-made bed, you will be thankful!


2. Bathroom Necessities


You don’t want to be caught in the bathroom with no toilet paper in sight. Make sure to unpack your important toiletries or do a quick errand to grab toilet paper and paper towels. Tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo and bath towel may be a good idea too. If your shower did not come with a shower curtain, that should be set up to for a better shower experience.


3. Take Care of Your Tech


Plug in your phone, iPod, laptop etc. Chances are they need a recharge. Unpack your speakers and iPod so you can listen to music as you unpack and adapt to your new home.


4. Hook Up the Internet


If you have not made an appointment already with your internet provider of choice, this should be a high priority. You don’t want to be left in the dark as some providers could take days to get to your request, while others can arrive the same day.


5. Thank Your Movers


After a long day of hauling your all your precious possessions across town, there is nothing like a cold drink. Thank your movers by offering them water, coffee and maybe even a crisp lager. Don’t forget to tip at the end of the day.


6. Time to Unwind!


What better excuse to try out the neighborhood takeout food? Hopefully your corkscrew or bottle opener is in close unpacking proximity because you deserve a break! Time to celebrate your new home and your next step in life.



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