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6 Amazing Modular Homes You Can Buy in the USA

  • Corey
  • May 2, 2016

Modular homes, also known as “prefabricated homes” are structures that are built room-by-room in a climate controlled factory instead of on-site. It’s a growing trend in North America and across the world as this alternative homebuilding technique ushers in a range of important benefits.

First and foremost, choosing to go modular means the homebuyer has more options and customization opportunities. Choosing from different roof styles, lighting options, appliances and finishes makes your home your own.

Secondly, since each module is constructed in a dedicated facility, builders have access to a range of specialized tools ensuring for better over-all build quality. And since these houses are built tighter, there’s less heat loss throughout, making them more energy efficient than their site-built counterparts.

Finally, homebuyers don’t have to worry about “cost overruns” that are all too common during on-site builds. Since modular homes are constructed in temperature controlled factories, you don’t have to worry about poor weather conditions and mismanaged subcontracting costing you extra time and money.

Although at one time, investing in a modular home meant sacrificing floor space and build design, the prefabricated homes of today can be quite impressive. To give you an idea of how impressive, let’s take a quick look at 6 amazing modular homes you can buy in the USA.

1. Designer: Philippe Starck


This modern two-story prefabricated home costs anywhere between $450 000 to $2 million to build. The price range is this wide because the buyer can choose from varying styles of roof types, fixtures and lighting with the option to integrate wind turbines, rainwater collection, and heat pumps. This model home designed by Philippe Starck includes a swimming pool under the deck, a rooftop wind turbine and venetian blinds controlled by an iPad app.

2. Designer: Blu Homes


This beautiful modern build by Blu Homes reminds us that the block-like design inherent to many modular homes need not be stale and featureless. With wide sliding glass walls, sprawling patios and customizable appliances, this prefab starts at $500, 000.

3. Designer: Hive Modular


Ringing in at $329 000 for the building and appliances, this modular home marries classic with contemporary. Built in Minneapolis by Hive Modular, this house offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a comfortable 1800 square feet of living space.

4. Designer: Royal Homes


Reminding us that modular homes don’t have to be small, this house by Royal Homes offers an expansive 2,561 square feet of living space across 4 combined modules. Although this particular home costs just over $1.5 million, base models start around $500 000.

5. Designer: Huf Haus


Rightly categorized as a “luxury prefab,” this 3 story glass mansion carries a hefty price tag of $10 million. Designed by the architects at Huf Haus, modular homes like these are built in Germany, shipped around the world and erected in a matter of days.

6. Designer: Modular Direct


This towering two story modular home by Modular Direct is proof that prefabs don’t always look like they were constructed one room at a time. This house, built for just under $500 000 offers a classic country house feel featuring a wide wrap-around porch and shuttered windows. And to think, this whole structure was built and finished in only 3 weeks’ time.

As you can see, buying modular no longer means ending up with a small, featureless house. For homebuyers that have their dream home held clearly in mind, going prefab means more control over the finished product—inside and out. Factor in reduced build times, competitive prices and increased energy efficiency and investing in a modular home becomes a great alternative to buying a traditional site-built home.



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