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4 Easy Ways to Thank Your Realtor

  • Corey
  • Jul 21, 2016

Congratulations! Whether you’ve purchased your first home, made a valuable investment, or found the perfect place for your growing family, buying a home is no easy feat. There were probably a lot of people involved – mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors, movers, contractors…the list is endless. At the center of it all is, of course, real estate agents.

Your realtor was probably the first person you approached when you decided to buy a home. They helped you comb through listings and work with your seemingly impossible list of criteria, and when you found that perfect place, they helped you put in an offer and snag it up before it caught someone else’s eye. Your realtor was also probably the one who helped you through times of stress, uncertainty, and change. Without your realtor, the process of buying a house probably wouldn’t have been as smooth as it was.

And for all that help, you paid them nothing.

That’s not to say that they didn’t get paid at all. Realtors are paid a commission by sellers for helping to sell their home. Your realtor had more contact and interaction, however, directly with you. You can also depend on the fact that a good realtor will be there for you long after your closing date to help with the transition and any issues that come up within a year or two after you close on your home. All the work they put in after the closing goes uncompensated.

Here are some great, cost-effective ways (if you just bought a home, you’re probably not rolling in extra money) to let your realtor know that you appreciate their work.

Flowers and a Card

While it may seem old fashioned, a simple thank you card and a small vase of flowers is a wonderful way to express gratitude. Flowery deliveries are almost always a surprise, giving the receiver pleasant feelings of being thought about. Flowers are also a bright addition to an office, where your realtor can use them as a sort of promotion tool for other prospective buyers. When others see that you were grateful enough to send an unnecessary token of appreciation, they are likely to bring him/her their business as well. If you stick a picture of yourself and/or your family in front of your new home, that’s something they can put up in their office as well.

Tell Your Friends

Almost all realtors work strictly on commission, which means they only get paid when they help someone buy or sell a home. If you are happy with your realtor, the best thing you can do is to tell your friends and family members about them. When someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home, they will remember your positive experience and ask for a referral, bringing your realtor more business.

Gift Cards

It is not recommended to thank your realtor with cash or monetary gifts. However, if you have been shopping around for a while and got to know your realtor really well, gift cards for places that you know they will use can be a nice way to say thank you. Did they listen to a lot of music on their iPhone while driving you around? Maybe an iTunes gift card would make them smile. Did they mention having small children, or do you know that they are currently pregnant? Try a gift certificate to a children’s clothing store. Did they seem generally stressed out or over worked? Then a massage may be the perfect gift. Whatever you do, make it something personal so they know how grateful you are. Try not to give them something generic, though, as those may send a more impersonal message than you want to convey.

Say Good Things

If you worked with a realtor from a large firm, then an hour or less online can be a huge help for them. Spend some time writing good reviews about them online. Then, send your realtor an email thanking them for their help and letting them know where you left positive feedback. With all the exposure people are getting on the Internet these days, knowing that there are positive words circulating about you is an effective way to help boost their business, and it won’t cost you a cent.



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