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3 Mind Blowing Before and After Renovations

  • Corey
  • Jun 8, 2016

Spring is here and that means the official renovation season has begun. White panel vans line suburban streets, saws whine in the distance and garage doors hang open revealing temporary work spaces for homeowners and trade workers.

Whether it’s a full home resurrecting or just a bathroom face lift, remodeling can be a daunting and stressful undertaking. So in the spirit of inspiration, we’ve put together a featured list of 3 amazing mansion renovations that will motivate you in your own construction projects. Let’s take a look at what happens when you go head-first into home restoration and stop at nothing until you’re done.

1. Reno, Nevada


This sprawling Nevada mansion was originally built in 1907 and purchased by a U.S. senator. In 1979, the “Nixon Mansion” suffered extensive burn damage when a Christmas tree went up in smoke, forcing the family to find a new home.

After sitting empty for 23 years, the ailing beast was purchased and renovated over the course of a decade, swallowing up more money than it would have costed to demolish the whole thing and rebuild. Nevertheless, this 18 000 square foot, 8 bedroom behemoth is now on the market for $16.4 million. Main features include 11.5 bathrooms, 9 fire places and extensive hardwood and marble throughout.


2. Memphis, Tennessee


The James Lee House in Memphis Tennessee is a historical Victorian mansion dating all the way back to 1848. At one time, this extravagant structure gave birth to the Memphis College of Arts earning it a place on the National Historic Register. But after 60 years laying vacant, the house was purchased off the city for $1 to be restored by new owners Jennifer and Jose Velazquez and converted into a bed and breakfast.

The renovation demanded extensive documentation, external funding and an ambitious 12 month timeline. But despite the local politics and long list of restoration challenges, the Velazquez couple made out with an 8100 square foot, 10 bedroom mansion complete with 3rd floor private quarters, several private balconies and extravagant crown moulding throughout.


3. Boston, Massachusetts


This 180 year old Boston mansion started life as a lavish Greek revival in the posh neighborhood of Roxbury Massachusetts. Since the early 1970s the “Alvah Kittredge House,” a massive two story estate characterized by the iconic thick white pillars standing guard of its entrance, was owned by the Roxbury Action Program community group. But in 2011, after sitting disparaged and ignored for decades, Historic Boston Inc., a preservation non-profit, took ownership of the mansion and set their sites on restoration.

Although 40 percent of the original structure had to be replaced, the Alvah Kittredge house was given a new lease on life after $3.8 million in renovation costs–$300 000 of which came from local community grants. Today the iconic mansion houses 5 modern up-scale apartments.



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