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10 Smart Products to Make Your Home More Like Iron Man’s

  • Corey
  • May 6, 2016

Billionaire philanthropist, and self-proclaimed scientist Tony Stark, has some of the coolest gadgets anyone has ever seen. From the home automation of Jarvis, to his famous flying metal suit, Iron Man has everything anyone could ever want, or dream of. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating the big screen and box office, more and more people are checking out how they can tech out their house to make it more like his. Here at Ask Avenue, we have put together our 10 favorite new tech toys, to make everyone’s house more cool and connected, so you too can be the envy of your visitors, maybe even Stark himself.


10. Smart Faucet

smart faucet

There are plenty of intelligent faucets on the market, ranging from ones that limit your water consumption, to ones that calculate how much the water you are using is costing you in real time. The most fascinating one out there however, might be one you’ve used before. The Smart Faucet combines a motion sensor and temperature regulator, to efficiently conserve water and energy, as well as improve hygiene.


9. LG ThinQ Refrigerator

lg fridge

The LG ThinQ Refrigerator is truly one of a kind. With and 8-inch Wi-Fi LCD touch screen, the fridge can help you keep track of your perishable food inventory. The fridge also links to your smart phone and comes with a variety of apps that allow you to build shopping lists and manage the food you have at home.


8. Eco Dish Cleaner

eco cleaner

Using ultrasonic waves to clean your dishes instead of water, really does sound like it’s from the future. With the Electrolux Eco Cleaner, the future is now. This eco-friendly dish cleaner ionizes the food particles on the plate and converts them into reusable compost for your garden. It also comes with a solar powered rechargeable battery, making it almost completely waste free.


7. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

door handle

One of the coolest new technologies is that in reducing the spread of germs. The Self-Sterilizing Door Handle utilizes a UV lamp to kill any bacteria or viruses that may have been transferred from your hand to the handle instantly. When not in use, the handle is constantly eliminating any unwanted germs to keep you from getting sick.


6. LED Ceiling

led 2

Sitting under the stars, dreaming of your future, on a couch in your living room. With the LED Ceiling, you can add or take away light, in a modest or creative way. The laser activated LEDs can be turned on or off with a laser pointer, allowing you to have complete control over where the light is in the room. Use it to create small concentrated light sources, or let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece of light on your own ceiling.


5. Z-Wave Wireless Door and Window Sensor

door sensor 2

With all the cool new tech and toys in your home, you’re going to want to protect it. With the Z-Wave Wireless Door and Window Sensor, you can monitor your home or office on the go with the smartphone app. It sends a text message or email when the sensors are activated, and they can be hidden or placed anywhere thanks to them being wireless. The app also allows you to rest easy, verifying that all the windows and doors are closed at any time.


4. Motion Sensor Power Strip

power bar

The smart Power Strip is the ultimate in energy savings. Using a motion detector, 4 of the 8 outlets will automatically turn off to conserve energy is no motion is detected after 30 minutes. The other outlets are the standard always on, for the more essential electronics in your home. As well, it comes with a smart app that allows you to turn the entire power strip on or off if you are on the go.


3. Sony Eclipse


The ultimate in home media, the Sony Eclipse is a wireless, window mounted, solar powered speaker and media player. Complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a touch screen for convenience, the Sony Eclipse rarely runs out of battery and can keep you jamming throughout the day. It’s self-supportive and portable, allowing you to take it with you, wherever you media needs lead.


2. Combi-Monitor Document Extractor

docu extractor

A touch screen monitor, computer, printer and scanner all-in-one, sounds like its right out of the movies. However, this combo can be yours, to save you time and space, and make all your regular printing and scanning activities that much cooler. The touch screen allows you to crop images and documents on the go, and print them practically into your hands. The built in scanner allows for easy real time scanning without you getting out of your seat. This combo really is the be all and end all for tech toys saving you time and space.


1. Transparent TV


How can anything top an all-in-one computer you may be asking? Easy, everyone’s favorite past time, evolved, tech’d out, and cooler than ever before. The Transparent Television. Using a Transparent OLED screen, companies like LG and Panasonic have been able to create a viewing experience like no other. There is a full range of touch screen capabilities for this cool new tech as well, allowing you to seemingly play with pictures and movies in the air. The best thing about the transparent screens is not only do they look great turned on, but turned off, they are invisible, and it removes the once eyesore of a TV from the room.


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If you disagree with any of the gadgets on our list, or think we missed one or two important cool and new tech toys, please let us know in the comments below.




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