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10 Essentials of An Ultimate Man Cave

  • Corey
  • Jun 30, 2016

No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.”

If there is one thing every man dreams about it is to have his own personal space…YES, away from hassle and bustle of the every day life. Far away from the kids and the wife, where he can drink beer, play video games, and hang out with his bros. In peace he finds freedom.

Man caves come in all shapes and sizes. So don’t feel down if you were only able to secure a closet or a corner in your bedroom to let your creativity take course. Our ideas will help you find inspiration to make any space your own.

Here is our quick guide to setting up your dream man cave:


1. Marking The Territory

Marking the Territory

When you finally secure your right to a man cave, make sure to mark your territory. Opportunities don’t often come your way, so make sure to jump right in. Just like the first man on Earth that put his mark on the moon, you can add a personalized sign from Etsy on the door of your sanctuary. Family needs to understand that the space is off their limits and entrance is prohibited. This way you can protect your privacy and enjoy it in peace.


2. Pass Out Space for Your Bros

Pass Out Space for the Bros

“Build it and they will come” was not just a line from the movie, Field of Dream. When one brave soldier invests his hard earned money into a true man cave, he carves a way for others to join him on his quest for freedom. Of course, beer and a large flat screen TV are essentials, but who wants to ruin the party after all supplies are extinguished? There is always that one buddy who needs that an extra night of solitude. Why not have some bunk beds for your guys? Add some recliner chairs and a dear old friend from college, your favorite bachelor couch, and you just got yourself the Alpha status among your men. Congratulations!


3. Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV

Bigger IS better when it comes to your TV! Not only you can have full control over the remote, with Samsung S9 you can also simultaneously watch 4 channels. Samsung’s S9 is considered to be the world’s biggest flat screen TV, measured at 110’-inch display. So prepare for S9 to take over the whole wall. Of course, this monster may be out of your budget, but hey, a man can dream! With the powerful 120W speakers any football game will be right in your living room. Add theatre seating from The Cave Man and you can definitely forget waiting for the invite to watch Super Bowl, you’ll be the king of THAT castle.

4. The Ultimate Beer Fridge

The Ultimate Beer Fridge

HELL YA! No man cave can ever exist without easy access to beer. Last thing you want is to have to go up the stairs during a game for a cool one and miss a goal. A fridge is a MUST in your castle. And not some tiny little fridge (unless you don’t have much space of course), but a walk-in closet turned beer fridge? Probably every man on earth saw, but if you haven’t here it is: Heineken’s beer fridge commercial. WARNING: After watching, you’ll probably be hooked. The closest to it is Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator from KegWorks.


5. The Bar

The Bar

After the entertainment system, the bar is the centerpiece of every man cave, the only place in the house where men can act and behave like men. The bachelor life is long gone and the city bars do not provide the same level of excitement. That’s why a man cave bar is the only escape. There is no place on earth manlier than a bar, so make sure in customizing this beast to the best of your ability. Get inspired at HGTV for 87 Home Bar Design Ideas and to buy bar stools check out Overstock. Your uniquely designed bar will be your pride and joy guaranteed.


6. The Man’s Throne

Bathroom Galore

Having a bathroom in your man case is a MUST, if possible with your custom arrangements of course. No more pink towels and rosemary soaps. No one is there to rush you, so you can take your sweet time. Leave some sports magazines and newspapers for you and your bros. Have a charger for the iPhone and Candy Crush the hell out of it.  And wait…you can even take your beer with you. Let a man be a man! A bathroom is where your old tools can still be salvaged and displayed with pride, showing the hard-working man that you are.  And the best part about decorating your bathroom is that it probably won’t cost a thing since all your supplies are in the garage.


7. Games! Games & More Games!

Games Games and More Games

Having entertainment aside from the big screen TV is highly recommended. Think poker table, dartboard, pool table, foosball, Xbox, and board games. Every man is still a kid inside with a short attention span and a zest for some healthy competition. Therefore, having a huge variety of entertainment is crucial to a true man cave with poker being one of the key essentials. Nothing quite beats cold beer with some snacks, while watching alliances form and crumble. Selecting a good quality poker table and its essentials can make or break the experience. The cedar log poker table with a large selection of color can not only withstand the test of time, but grab admiration from even the toughest critic. Game on!


8. Personalized Décor

Personalized Decor

A man cave is your place to go WILD! That’s where all the movie posters you collected in your teenage years, fishing memorabilia, trophies for winning a hotdog eating contest, and your favorite collection of ‘whatever’ go. Away from your wife’s eyes, where it can truly be appreciated for the beauty it is. Feel free to hide your 20-year old sweatpants with holes here as well. No one will ever know. The best part is your pride and joy can be displayed for all your friends to see. This is your time to shine, so add as many personal touches as possible. Decorating your man cave makes a true statement to the man you truly are, so live it up! Live it up, my friend.

9. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

Not all, but most men install man caves to watch sports. Nothing beats that experience! Man caves and sports go practically hand in hand. Now is the time to please your wife and relocate your precious possessions of your favorite teams to the sanctuary. If you are watching sports, you might as well proudly display all memorabilia of your team. The more the merrier. After all, no one can argue with you here. So go wild! If you need more to add to your collection, Man Cave Kingdom has a great selection.


10. Music Station

Music Station

It was music that helped two lonely guys find bromance in “I Love You, Man” movie. Everyone loves music. How can a man cave exist without a set of drums and an electric guitar? Even if you make a fool of yourself, no one is watching. Laughs and good times are guaranteed. You deserve to re-live your college dreams of being in the band and bond with your brothers. What happens in the cave man stays in the cave man, so enjoy it while it lasts. Your kids grow up fast and your sweet escape can soon be taken over by teenagers. The time is now! Check out a wide selection of musical instruments from Musician’s Friend and enjoy your freedom.

So how much may this beauty cost you, you ask? It all depends on your budget and resources, but we put together an estimate of our own dream cave man:

Fixed Costs

Man Cave Sign: $7+ USD

Couch + bunk beds: $829 USD

TV: $700+ USD

Beer Fridge: $7,698.99 USD

Games: $300+ USD

Poker Table: $2,1700.93+ USD

The Bar + Stools: $2,240+ USD

Personalized Decor: $400+ USD

Sports Memorabilia: $850+ USD

Music Set: $1000+ USD


Monthly Variable Costs

Beer + Liquor: $400+ USD

Food Supply: $400+ USD

Toiletries: $100+ USD

Miscellaneous: $300+ USD


Total Cost of A Man Cave = PRICELESS


Oh and ladies,

We all know a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so feel free to mail him Caveman Crate from Man Crates. It contains a variety of prehistoric meats and paleolithic nuts. The company provides a huge selection of choices and the best part for your man is: The crate arrives “in a sealed wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar. No bow, no ribbons, no fluff, and absolutely no instructions.”

Caveman Crate



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